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Will bath bombs fizz in cold water

The answer

Is never a simple answer, Will bath bombs fizz in cold water, well yes, but also no. 

The yes part is that salt reacts to water, but salt reacts better in warmer to hotter waters, the hotter, the better!

When the salt compound structure is added to water, salt starts to breaks down in Water, and reacts with the hotter water molecules, in short, think of it like a magnet, the positive sides of the water attract the negative side of the salt and visa a versa.

Some science lessons, this bring a whole new meaning to salt breaking down in Water.

The difference between the hot and cold water when salt is added, the difference is the molecules in hot water, are moving or the water is vibrating faster.

The molecules moving faster, interact more with the salt and breaks the salt down quicker, thus grabbing their opposing poles and breaking the salt down at a faster rate.

Now when I look at salt breaking down in water, I’m going to think of it like dancing, people (salt) in the middle, waiting for someone (water molecules) to come and take them away for a dances, the hotter the ballroom gets, the quicker the water finds their partner to dance with

Science is fun, I remember learning this in school, who knew it would influence future topics or goals!

Our bodies need salt to maintain nerve endings, while also helping us contract and relax our muscles, while maintaining the water and minerals in your body

You can see how bath bombs help relax you in water, you are nourishing your body, your skin, while bathing in luxury.

Some interesting facts, if you add salt to water that you are boiling water in a pan

  1. helps Water boil slightly faster
  2. Improves flavour
  3. slightly increases water temperature as well

Drinking salt water every now and again actually hydrates you more than normal water, while also helping with digestion, activating the saliva glands quicker.

Added salt to Water also helps clear your body of toxins, Water does this naturally, but improving the digestion system with salt, you will help nature to happen more often, thus clearing out what you body doesn’t need.

Please be aware that too much salt will poison you, so little and not often.

Being in a bath with your favourite bath bomb means you don’t have to worry about this, enjoy yourself, relax and know your body needs to relax, and know, a nice warm bath will dissolve those salts and dance around you!


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