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Why we should holiday and take time for ourselves

You know there are times in life where things are harder than they should be

Sometimes we do this to ourselves with too much work, family problems that are not our burden to bare.

Some of these problems come out of the woodwork and catch us at the wrong time, like a car breaking down, or a death in the family!

Some of these happened to me, they mounted up getting into a snowball effect and before I knew it, I was working 20hr days and on the road more than I’d like to be, or even wanted to be, tired and in traffic jams! I could not see the end, I was at the whim of everyone else!

Enough my mind was shouting, the gray miles ahead of me (roads) work needing me in a few places (i was subcontracting) and you can’t deal with email when you are driving, or customers that need you to look at issues (my own customers this time) which also needed to be cleared

Lack of sleep wasnt helping, I was building up a sleep debt and this was coming with added mistakes, those mistakes were costing me more in stress and money!

The extra money I was earning was covering the mistakes I was making, how is being a busy fool helping me I asked!

I remember a customer asking me, “how’s business going”, I replied, “i dont know if im busy or just being a busy fool”. its not a good reply!

this lead me to the point where I locked myself in my bathroom, ran a bath and added in a bath bomb and took time for myself!

From this first relaxing moment in a while, concluded, time to sack some of these “so called bosses” that are stealing my time and book a holiday!

After an hour in the bath feeling better and writing a lot in my book, I formed this blog, I sacked some bosses, and booked a flight to Portugal Faro.

This mainly started in Feduary and I went on my holiday in May, some bosses took a month to sack others were quick!

This gave me time to get all the mistakes back in order and work through saving up money to go on holiday with!

It is surprising what taking control and working more focused on the things that matter to you and your goals, does!

do you find yourself falling into these traps, they are so easy to fall into, sometimes you have to get away, break the routine, add a better one

While on holiday I took my book and wrote another plan, this plan is so I would not fall back into the same trap, this plan is and was to discover where I had be going wrong, I wont lie, when coming back I nearly started falling back into the above trap again (another blog on this to follow)

In my life there is no shame in failier, there is shame in not taking action on your plans,  following other peoples needs if you work for a company, thats fine, but know your goals for that job, not their goals for you and worst of all not taking time to plan where you need to be and how to get there!

My plan to run away, worked for me, I came back stronger, I came back healthier and most of all I had direction again!

All from taking time for myself in a bath with a lovely relaxing bath bomb (then talking to those that mattered to me after, but thats for another blog post) writing things down and thinking and imaging WHAT I wanted!

What do you want, this is key also, take time for yourself in a bath and get those ideas down! The worst thing you can do is leave them bussing in your mind!

Dont let from other thoughts crowd out your plans or be crowded out by other people demands, be a little selfish at times.

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