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What the top people do that we can follow Easily


What we have learnt in our journey to being stress free and having control over our outcomes, the plans can be financial or plan orientated (Ie buying a house) once you have a plan, its easy to set a path that you need to follow, or the most logical path that gets you to your objectives.

A weekly review helps to keep you on the path, the problem with the week is that things get in the way, letting the week get away from yourself, while chastising yourself if you do go off path and getting stressed, we should recognising that it happens, forgive ourselves and allow ourselves to get back on track!

Some of the most famous people set up a structure which they make it easy to follow their plans, they calendar their work plans for the week, they set the time which makes sense for them to do the tasks, and they set a rhythm to do this to, this can be a certain song that gets themselves back on tract, or a quiet place to go over their plans and see if the route to the goal is correct.

Making it as easy to do is the key, the minute is becomes too complicated, your mind and body will rebel and find better distractions, on a Saturday, I was suppose to go out and work, but I spent the day in, did I feel guilty, no, I just made myself do some stuff around the house, rewarded myself for that, showed myself its ok at times to let your hair down as long as I follow the plan for the next few days.

What is this blog about

This is about making sure we keep doing, lower decision calories that are needed to carry out the tasks, what we do not want is to think, but I want to do this (watch a program that you like or see a friend) over the plan to get to our goals read more about decision calories.

Take Albert Einstein, he realised that thinking about what clothes to wear was actually hindering him and his thinking about problems or ideas that he was more concerned about, so what Albert did was wear the same type of clothes every day, Steve jobs and Mark Zuckerberg do the same, simple things like this help you imagine the amount of time you take to find places to put things, if you have a list of where things group to gather when cleaning, this speeds up the tasks, this was Einstein’s logic.

Does that mean you need a new wall drobe in order to start this, the answer is depends on you, lets say you starting at the gym, lets say you find it hard to pick a song, you spend ten minutes to find this song to work out to, you have lost 10 minute of work out time and stress yourself in the process, when I was in this position, I found a song that fit the 3 minute mark, that was how long I was going to work out for that type of routine, the song didn’t matter, now when doing my star jumps, I feel strange doing star jumps to any other song, pick one before and stick with it, its powerful in the long run, don’t look for too much change so I keep to this track and the rest is easier, every time I hear my star jump song, I want to start doing in case I lose rhythm, what else happens is I find it easier to keep count of my beat!

The Key

Is to make something you want to do, that you are able to do, and to be able to do this without thinking too much about the task, to, when this alarm goes off or this time hit, Im doing this task, it helps if we give ourselves a range not a definitive, this means we set to make phone calls at 2pm, but this can be done from 1pm to 3pm, but has to be done then, and we also have to set the reward to reward ourselves for doing the task, we need a constant reward at the start, and we need a tune or rhythm to carry us through the practise, remember its is always practising and we get better the more times we do our task, this shows when we tracking the routine and outcome in an easy format at a time when we can write this down!

I’ll explain, I started exercising, to start this I planned to start for 10 mins a day, I picked a song an kept with that song, marked a simple sheet before going to bed to track the progress over a 30day period, then added to this with studying memory, to grow a better memory as I feel I have always had a bad memory, I set this to be done where and when it is easiest for the task to be done, just before 10pm at night before going to bed, and then extended this to the morning review after waking up, this little 10 minute a day exercise routine grew to include more tasks, when you see the rewards it becomes easier and more exciting to do, you just have to start and making it easy for you to keep doing, no effort, even big dinners are effort to eat, you eat the big dinner once, and you do not want to do it again for a while, think of this similar to going at a work out and feeling the bloated pain.

We want our customer to see value from cariad bombs and how having a Bath Bomb review at the end of your week will keep you on the path to progress while keeping you relaxed with rewarding yourself while taking time for YOU to relax in your bath with a bath bomb experience!

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