Cariad Bombs

What Smells are best With Bath Bombs

When it comes to the top aromas, here is our selection

Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus and Lemon

You can find the majority of these fragrances in every day life, Lavender is in most peoples gardens, Lemon is a great ingredient for Pancakes.

What if we talked about Lemons, if you visualise yourself licking a lemon, it brings about a response, some love the bitter taste of lemons, my mother does, I love Lemon Juice on pancakes.

The essential aromas can connect you with past experience are the biggest reason the oils are used in Bath Bombs!

Lavender has a high connection with relaxed feelings, most people like Lavender around when its time to put your feet up, end the day, relax the mind.

I use Anchoring to set moods and engage emotions and states, especially while driving, I’m not a fan off driving anymore, so Lavender does help here, as does Mint!

What is your bath bomb top aromas, does it depend if you are heading out on the town, or do you have a specific aroma for when you come back from the gym,

When it comes to the right state, its better to have a selection of aromas at home, feelings change, nothing worse with not having the right scent for the right moment!

do You store your bath bombs in jar, we highly recommend that bath bombs are stored in a jar.

This locks in that aroma, not letting the moisture in the air get to the salts, which then degrades the salt crystals, lowering the effectiveness of the Bath bomb, this happens quicker than you think, a jar makes this reaction happen slower.

Get the best out of your bath bombs and experience with the Aroma, store in a dry place and make your experience worth more

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