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what is this all about with Cariad Bomb

What is Cariad Bomb all about!

If you read our blog, you will notice we talk about many different subjects!

Life experience

If truth be told, it is all about life experiences, living life, enjoying yourself, and getting the best out of you!

Bath Bombs are one tool we use to clear our mind, a sort of meditation space, a space to get away from it all, a space to ground yourself again and clear your mind to get a grasp of your goals again!

Its about health, its about enjoying your skin, its about clearing your thoughts.

One thing we have noticed, and I’m sure you have too, is life can get too busy, you get caught up in other peoples head winds.

What do we mean by other peoples head wind, well its other peoples goals or suggestions, yes, sometime they might help us, but most of the time, it is their thoughts, ambitions or just general fears for you, and those thought, as we have discovered, with always disagree with you, or require a change in direction, upset your already bumpy path with more confusion!

Questions to ask

Its why I own a journal, and log in it regular what I’m doing, how this is going to get me to my goals, and is the path we are on going to help me achieve the outcomes we want, these are serious questions!

Like a GPS, if you do not have your end goals, you don’t know the direction!

An example, let say you want to spend a few month in different countries, and you have no obligations or ties, you don’t want to do teaching, your options are remote working, or setting up an online business, this give you the ability to travel freeing yourself from location and starting on your path to booking your flight.

Setting goals and time managing

As we have talked about above and before, we monitor our time to do what we feel is effective in getting our goals achieved, while not stressing ourselves out, living with in our ability to manage the challenges

Does this mean we should make our goals bigger than we can step, the answer is, depends on you, i for one like baby steps, I’ll get there, and I’ll make that distance, some people can run and jump the hurdles of life, but one things is sure for both ways, if you don’t see the track, you are not going to run down those lines!

You have to spend time thinking about the goal and are you still on that path, are you getting caught up in other people goals and needs, will you be able to get back on track even though life throws curve balls, these are the challenges, the obstacles of life that you need to manage.

Set goals, track them, enjoy them, don’t get frustrated by them, and remember, escape to your time to meditate on your problems, mine is relaxing in the bath every now and again!


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