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what I learnt from Duo-lingo and my 30day challenge.

Studying Welsh with duo-lingo gave me an idea, with my other challenges

Freeze streak

Freezing a day, on duo-lingo, if you miss a day, you can freeze your streak which means you didn’t lose your streak, this is to stop people getting disheartened and not opening up the app again.

BUT, it is also shows that the company understands life gets in a way, people are

creatures of habit, and when they are outside the place where they build their habits, you will get distracted or will be unable to always do or continue the streak!

This is why Duo offers the freeze option, lets say you are in a busy place at a time when you normal do you your exercise, study or practise, you get that voice in your mind saying, I have to do something, you look around and find it unappropriated to do your objective, where you are (imagine doing push’s ups in a nightclub (well I have seen it done tbf lol))

How we can use this

During my 30day exercise challenge, I found myself in a camp, I was unable to continue my 30day challenge, I thought to myself heading up to the camp, how am I going to still continue this challenge without starting again!

Then it occurred to me, the Duo-lingo freeze, why cant We use that and just continue in a few days time like this weekend didn’t effect the streak that we were building up!

This was a major benefit, I would never have thought about this if I wasn’t using Duo-lingo! and starting my progressive thinking!

I have been thinking how can I solve this and HELPS me at the same time, this way of thinking might seem selfish, but it isn’t, it natural, its goal progressive, you should be allowed a break, time to reflect when you have to “fallen off the horse” and then get back on!

When you fall off the horse, so to speak, you don’t lose the days of training before you fell off the horse do you, nope you dust yourself off and remember what you learnt and carry on!

The only time we lose that 30days is if we never get back on the horse and think, “oh well, I stopped, lets get the ice cream bucket out”!

Instead of forgiving ourselves, and learning or realising that we didn’t lose 30days of experience just because we didn’t do the challenge (this challenge could be anything from exercise to learning a new skill)

Its why keeping a journal benefits you also, reviewing the progress you made, and thinking is it worth losing our progress streak, and that is a big NOOOO, so review the progress when indulging in a bath bomb relaxing moment, and remember your goals with the challenge, and remember its not worth giving up, or losing your streaks!

For me, the journal for monitoring my progress was an X on a chart, the X on the chart easily showed my progress, the X on the chart was effective and visual enough to make the difference! and worth putting a Freeze so I didnt lose the days I accumulated to date, so I froze the progress and I didn’t lose that streak!

From today

Start using the freeze streak in your plans, monitor the basic concepts (the easier it is to do, the more likely you will do it) and review it when you are in a relaxed area (preferably in a bath with a bath bomb from Cariad Bomb) the goals will happen if we set the plan and start the trip to the end goal!

When you finished that goal, you should have another one in mind, you or can enjoy the destination, its your call,  I’m on a constant “find myself” its fun, but its my journey, yours is what you set out and fits in with you and your plans.

So tell me below have you used a freeze streak in the past due to unforeseen road blocks?

my 30 day progress chart
how this 30 day chart changed my focus

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