Cariad Bombs

What do Bath aroma say to you

It has been know how aromas effect our memories, from taking us back to a moment in time as vivid as if we were there to alerting us of a gas leak!

Our smell is the oldest known sense, it goes to show why the olfactory memory is one of the more powerful, activating the deepest parts of the brain, the oldest memory triggers!

its why we salivate quickly when we smell food!

This also shows how some aromas, activate certain states, from Pepermint to Lemon, there are studies proving the essential oils do actually effect our moods/states

Pepermint study has shown to prevent fatigue and improve excerzise proformance!

where as

Lemon essential oils improve positive moods.

When you have had a hard day and need to relax, aromas and states from bath bombs help speed up this time to relax!

its all about the set up, and these little bites of knowledge, we are all about the set up to make sure our tomorrow is always better and we are fitter for the fight of the days stress!

What arromas are YOUR aromas, mine is cinnamon and Lavender, one gives you energy, the other relaxes you.

I have seen Youtube channels where people put essential oild in hot water, while the aroma is being released, people put a towel over themselves and the bowl, and breath in the aroma, this does help and I have tried it, but nothing relaxes me more than a bath full with a bath bomb and my selected aromas!


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