Cariad Bombs

Ukraine and terror

cariad bombs stand with Ukraine

Wish we would do more with our bath bombs! but for now, we sign petitions to do more in the UK, we need to take more refugees

this is a sore point with most, but this time its different, there is a bigger impact, and I think we have to do more for good will in the world, like the UK is known for, but for some reason lost in time and needing to work, no time to explore and realise that we are one world!

how do we get back to our roots, I think travelling is part of this, seeing more of the world, have we become isolationist, I hope not, the world is to beautiful to not explore!

but what is happening in Ukraine, we need to look at how our government is acting here, its a tell if we have a good one or bad one, some might think they are doing a good job, others not, but turning away people at the border is damming when we should be world leading!


but im just a bath bomb company, looking to relax in a crazy world! its your thoughts that I think hold more value!

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