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tip of the ice burg building skills

We all understand the tip of the iceberg, we all know that the tip is only a part that we see when we see an Iceberg.

But how does this relate to us

You seen the Meme’s online, the “you only see the tip of the iceberg of someone success, not what you didn’t see that they had to go through to get there”

You see, we need to build our success Iceberg, but what the iceberg doesn’t tell you is how to control the growth, monitor the direction you are taking in life.

It is very rare that someone wings it to the top of the Iceberg without monitoring their progress, its why a journal is important, to build your story, to re-read your story when you are relaxing in the bath with a bath bomb!

The people who you see at the top of the iceberg, people like Thomas Edison to Richard Branson, with Athletes like Serena Williams and Michael Phelps are known to keep journals, these successful people all started with one page, and an idea of a destination!

That is all it takes, a road map and a starting point, and you are always on your starting line in till you have a goal and want to track their progress!

Why this post

Not long ago I finished a 30 day challenge, this was an eye opener, I have kept journals in the past, the last time it was a success was when it showed an outcome, not really just writing random thoughts!

The 30 day challenge has changed me, and no doubt you have had time where you done something or something has happened to you and changed you!

Before, I filled a journal monitoring a progress to get the best body for a lads holiday, I was reading a book called the 4Hr body, by Tim Ferriss, I liked this, and studying Mauy Thai at the same time, I set my routine and monitored outcomes, safe to say, when I was on holiday, I won! it was un questionable.

But I lost that spark, the end goal was reached, I didn’t set a new parameter, imagine I did, what could I have done?

My lasted tracker was a simple, X on a page with 30 squares, and seeing this fill up was goal inspiring, and I’m continuing it as we speak, I don’t want to stop! at the end of the 30days I write what these X’s were!

The reflecting

With Writing on the back of the X’s dotted sheet, I have a visual representation of what was done over the month, it made the process simple, I could do this at the start (this is a thought today im going to do this at the start and finish) where, do this you are promising yourself what you are doing for the next 30 days is THIS, and then for the next 30day, sticking to it and marking it off!

You imagine doing this for 12 month, what would change, you would be a massively different person or in a different position than last year!

The improvement is endless, it is uplifting to know that life progress can be made simple, from a promise to yourself and an X on a tracker for a number of days!

But you Have to review and reflect, this review and reflect is to figure out what problems you had to over come, how to make it easier, and taking time out in a quiet space is good for this, I did in the bath with a lavender bath bomb, and I reviews (In this I wrote my thoughts down)


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