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The Science of Relaxing and Bath Bombs

There is a Science to Relaxing and we are going to use this to help us in our mission to giving ourselves time back!

my biggest focus is energy! how much useable energy we have to help us do what we need to cover our chores or goals for the day.

Recently I finished 2 jobs, and started focusing on my business instead, this freed up a massive amount of time, what I noticed, for the last month I have been extremely tired still, this is cause I over spent energy and need time to recover this!

I was lucky, I knew what to do, I set up my routines again, and set about making my journal and goals a priority, most of all, I let myself take that time! catch up on sleep, and although felt guilty, I needed this in order to be productive with my plans!

do you have similar problems, not finding you can give yourself time, and when you do you feel guilty, I know its hard, but doing so give you the ability to give people more time!

Modern working patterns, and in particular our use of technology such as smartphones, make it harder to establish clear boundaries between our work and personal lives. When coupled with greater demands on our time and less time for ourselves, this gradually leads to stress or burnout.

Short lived Stress is our bodies are able to regain the energy quickly, but prolonged stress causes a whole heap of problems that takes us longer to get over and effects our decision making process! time to ourselves to download our problems is paramount

Stress effects our memory and emotional process while reducing our immune system, and worry effects our sleep, this then adds to the problems.


Science says using these techniques helps you get back to low stress levels!

Meditations, Pets Bath, which should include bath Bombs, Physical or Creative activities and people who we like and find relaxing!

the biggest part of this is setting up our environment to have that relaxing time, making ourselves feel good so we can cope again, I for one love a bath, and adding in a fragrant bath bomb which makes me feel relaxed, massively boost my mood! now whats your routine and do you feel guilty for you time?

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