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the problem with forks in the road

Do forks in the road of life matter!

No doubt we have all be at those points in our lives where we ask ourselves, should I go in this direction or that direction, kind of like picking similar items at a supermarket, shall I get the branded one, or settle for the lesser known one.

I know this doesn’t really go into what I’m talking about, and the ripples of the above choice doesn’t have massive effecting consequences (well unless you end up not liking the item you bought and cant take it back afterwards)

Some people find these choices easy, don’t give the fork much mental effort and just march forward, it could come down to how much information you have available on your choices, lets say its a choice between a promotions and a new job, you have information on options, you might have exhausted your time at the current job and want a change of challenge, the promotions might be this, but then it could be more of the same, the example shows what information you have and how it effects your direction.

What if you didn’t have this, what if you wanted a complete change, which route do you walk, new career, return to studying, move house or even get a divorce, these are full of unknowns, full of trips and hurdles, one wrong move and it will be unprofitable, we need it to have benefits for us that out weigh the dark path before us

So how do we walk this new, unknown path, without tripping up to often and make the new path feel worth the effort!

Im in this situation currently, I find myself at a cross roads so to speak, which direction should I go, Im finding that currently its down to eliminating paths, listening to life and what things are telling you, writing thoughts down, seeing which of the paths has the best fitting with your circumstances.

I’ve now narrowing down the options, and making progress on the direction that would best suit me and my needs, this isn’t easy, I fear making mistakes, but one lesson I’m keeping at the forefront of my mind, while setting my new path is to not get caught up in other peoples headwinds!

I hear you ask, “other peoples headwinds”, yes, this is the ideas that other people give to you, like saying, why don’t you try this business, this course, or do this holiday instead, this might be good intentions, but it could send you onto a wrong path, I had this a few times in the past, nearly got caught up in it again the other day, told to look at this opportunity, but it didn’t sit with my plans, my goals, what I want out of life, and if your goals and plans do not meet, then is the opportunity really for you!

This “good intention” was put to me before I was going to get my pen and paper and head to get all my thoughts in my journal, I was in the bath, with my lavender bath bomb, taking my self away from all the stresses, giving my mind time to digest, came out with eliminating the idea that was giving to me with good intent, wasn’t for me and what my goals are and were!

Today I gained more perspective on my path, I’m gaining enthusiasm to the direction! maybe putting myself on a course, setting up and finishing a business plan, walking in a direction that I feel will be better, more beneficial.

I hope this helps you have an idea when you are next at the fork in the road! its not easy, its full of mystery, I think its the best experiences as it brings challenges

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