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The Grey Miles and bath bomb relaxing

I have to drive a lot with my work!

I call this the grey miles, for two reasons, one, the roads are a grey colour, the second, its dead space that even through you are thinking, you can do nothing with the ideas, this is worse if you are in a rush!

I know I have read books (audio when on the road) that says if you  have an idea, you should pull over and write it down, like with everything, easier said than done.

I started doing this and noticed it gets harder as you go, when you have that epiphany, you then have to find a safe place to pull over, by the time you have done this, your minds focus has changed and changed the value of thought! thus forgetting what you had in mind!

If that idea was conclusive to a problem, lets say you had a thought, an amazing business idea, you write it down and it turns out to be more work then you care to give it (I have had many of these) then was it really worth writing it down, if it helps your current job, then it might be worth pulling over.

This is why I select bath time with my jotting book, to write down ideas and get into the zone of figuring out the solutions to my problems!

How do I manage this, simple, when you are finally at rest in the bath, you pick off one problem at a time, think, what do I need to fix, or what has gotten to me, what has get in my way and caused problems, and start writing, it can be noise, but don’t wait for things to come to you, just write some thing like “I went to work and noticed that the path was raising and that caused my shoes to scuff and made my mood worse for the day and lowered my productivity” this will start to a path to solutions!

My life since Bath Bombs relaxing, I have solved more problems than I needed lingering in the back ground, the question is, do you want to be more focused, less stressed and time for yourself.


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