Cariad Bombs

Stormy nights and bath bombs

Well here in the UK, we are going to be hit with a big storm, 100 mile per hour winds!

Where I am, in Lovely Wales, we are right in the path! kind of fun! hope no damage happens to peoples properties, not good when this happens, a roofers paradise next week with all the damage.


So when it comes to this sort of thing, you just have to take it as it comes, you sort of realise what is important at these times! being safe, and focus, you are probably planning your life with the storm tomorrow, your original plan has kind of gone out of the window, our talks on here have been about the steps to take to relax, one of them was planning, these moment exemplify this message, cause it is out of the norm, these moments show how we can change and adapt, getting rid of tasks, we thought were important, but in the end, were not, we discover what’s is important, what we discovered is, making sure you are safe, the people you care about are safe and you have food in the cupboards!


Sit back, chill, have  a bath, with a chilling bath bomb, and take care of things as they happen! cause natures is about to show you who is in control tonight!


I love being out in nature, its the best! the sounds and the elements, or just listening to the rain and wind, but being able to hear these things in the way we do, we should be thankful, but also appreciate that we have that chance to be out of the way of the storm, many are not!


Keep safe, and next blog tomorrow! more fun with bath bombs, and the path to relaxing and not letting life get to you, but knowing you are in control!

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