Cariad Bombs

Still feeling Covid, but I slept better last night.

Covid isnt nice! and I still feel rough.

After my Bath bomb evening, I slept better and feel better than yesterday!

I think giving your body an element where the temperature is controlled, IE a hot Bath, helps your body relax and fight against disease.

Having soft aromas and body lotions, you get a better harmony to fight your colds (i know covid isnt a cold, but it is similar to a flu)

this is going to be a short, my brain is hurting, feels like a fog, I think its dehydration, good thing about this is, I think I lost Weigh.

I do not suggest this way to lossing weigh, but my body has been using all the energy it can find to fight this horrid disease.

If you are going into busy places, I suggest wearing a mask! Please wear a mask, Im now going to wearing a mask, I know I just had Covid, but I have seen people catching it twice now!

with the case’s not known in the UK, I can say safely you are now near someone who has it!

so keep safe, keep hydrated, and wear a mask!

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