Cariad Bombs

sodium bicarbinate in bath bombs

NaHCO is the formula for Sodium Bicarbonate this substance is passed down through the household  from a form of cleaning, to helping with stomate upsets, Nan’s passed this down to their daughters as a great way to get their whites white again and their fridges order free!

The History

So where does this Awesome substance come from, and FYO, it does have an awesome history!

Sodium Bicarb was finds its self being used in early Egypt times, where they used Bicarb in dehydration of Mummies, when you start looking into this every day common substance, you find it is even referenced in the now forgotten Latin, Latin has words and references to this magnificent substance!

But the Credit goes to a pharmacist called, Valentin Rose the Younger, in Berlin in 1801, two Americans bakers found a way of mass producing baking soda.

Mined from naturally occurring deposits of a mineral called Nahcolite, a soft “white” mineral, formed by the rapid or high evaporating in basin or tunnels.

The connection

Bicarb mineral, Nahcolite also occurs in hot springs, which should interest us with our missing for chilling in a cosy warm bath, with a bath bomb, we can understand why Nahcolite would be found in or near hot springs!

Hot Springs are known for being high in mineral deposits, in Japan, there are over 3000 of them, and well renowned in history for having or being used for healing! could the low Alkaline solutions and high mineral deposits help this?

Why in Bath bombs

It is a good question, but also answers itself, Sodium Bicarbonate is a dry solution, reacts/dissolves in water, with the added essential oils, diffuses these around the bath while not localising them to one area!

the Bicarb fizzes or reacts with the water, releasing the locked in ingredients, spreading the aroma’s and allowing us to have our comfort zone!

it is known that Epsom salts have been used in making bath bombs also, both are alkaline and help remove toxins, it comes down to the crystal structure, bicarbs structure is finer, this more commonly used in bath bombs!

Time to plan your next dip in what the japanese (well I learned the other day that Japan isn’t called japan, it is called Nippon) have known for year, that onsens are good for health and relaxing!

Bring the eastern tradition for health and beauty in to your bath room!


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