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Soaps and how to be kind to yourself and your pocket

Im not a big fan of mass produced soaps! (great way to start a blog about soaps lol)

They feel chemically and not nice to use, but i do love the greenman soaps, the Gardner’s Scrub is my favourite

I work a lot with my hands, I love making things, or working around the house, failing that, I just like to get the daily grime off my hands!

A good scrub with no plastic beading in is what you get with the Greenman garderner’s scrub!

Greenman gardners scrub gets deep into the parts of your hands where normal soap just glides over, your hands are going to look cleaner after working in the mud or doing general chores around the house, with the pumice working with the soap, you have better dirt shifting action.

If like me, you are fed up of putting chemicals on your boad and hands, starting to want a more natural feel, with the Greenman soaps (link here) you are off to a great start!

Not only are they made in Britain! but with top quality ingredients, from natural oils and sustainable palm oil.

You are not costing the earth or your local water ways with Greenman soaps!

Greenman soaps are SLS & Parabens free, SLS or Sodium lauryl sulfate is a a surfactant, trapping oil-based dirt so that it can be rinsed away with water.

SLS trap natural oils that are always present in the skin, although safe to use, this is a problem for skin and especially those with dry skin!

With Greenman soaps, you have yourself a soap, from a good hard scrub, to a soft skin friendly wash! whats not to want on your bathroom sink!

The other reason I like greenman soaps, is how long they last, with the cost of living crisis, having a bar of Greenmen soap, you are keeping clean and it doesnt cost you, the bars last a good lot of washes, more than most soaps on the market, they greenmen soaps are a dence bar.

Buy getting rid of your liquid soaps, and investing in a greenmen soaps, you are saving yourself money!

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