Cariad Bombs

So I got covid! but the Weekend was awesome

Yep, feeling rough, and this is the second time I got covid!

The first time I couldn’t leave bed, this time I’m ok, but it feels more like a chest infection! as a kid, I got chest infections whenever the weather changed! I know that a hot bath made me feel better!

This is why I love a bath with a bath bombs, feeling good is part of the healing process, putting yourself into an environment, where in you can feel good, if the bath and bath bomb gave you added extra benefits, these little things help.

Does it matter which type, you want one that will give your body the ability to heal, Doctors reconmend that you relax and give your body time to heal, this is why I love my Baths, all that aroma and hot steam in the lungs, the temperature of the water helping sweat out the ailments.

There is no evidence that this helps, but you do feel a lot better after the bath, I challenge anyone to it, I hope you take me up on this also, as you will feel better from it!

Your body is great at fighting off disease, giving time, you will heal from most things! It’s about the in between, the things we need to do which makes us feel better, so the body feels better and we don’t suffer in that time!

Bath Bombs will not cure you, but they add to the journey of recovery!

What do you do, my chest infections led me to bath bombs when I am coughing my lungs outside my body! but the moments in that steamy bath felt like heaven! relaxed, easy till I get to bed where the big battle for your body takes place!

Enjoy your relaxing place

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