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smells, aromas, bath bombs and anchoring

I dont know if you know this, Smell is the oldest Sense.

Smells have the deepest impact in the memory, especially when it comes to recalling memories!

How many times have you smelled something and its instantly shot you back to the connected memory, when cooking, or when an old family member walks into the room with their favourite perfume

I still remember my nan via some perfumes, or when my Mam cooked Welsh cakes.

This is why I also love bath bombs, when younger, I loved a bath with bath bombs and bubble bath.

when I put a bath bomb in the bath, the aroma takes me straight back and instantly feel relaxed and in a good state!

How can you use this, I use it to make sure I get into a good state, and then I can learn things in a good, clear minded state!

Do you have that moment, the good thing is if you haven’t, or have forgotten or do not have similar to me, it is easy to create!

lets say you build this moment in the bath! with a bath bomb, all you need to do is start creating the state before entering the bath, or as the aromas are filling the room!

lets say you wan to relax, all you have to do is meditate as the bath or shower is running and the aroma is filling the room, and then stick to the same aroma for the mood you want to create!

You can add to this and take it with you also! you do this by slacking a noise, body motion or an action that you can then do to initiate the feeling and bring about a state change!

There are many ways to use this technique, our goal at Cariad bomb, is to get you to that relaxed state, while enjoying our bath bombs!

also, we hope the information provided helps in other parts of your life as well, we here at Cariad bomb, think and hope you will find it useful, and will, if don’t even marginally, will add to you life

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