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Sleep bath bomb

Is it time for that Deep sleep?

When it is the end of the day, work or the just managing the house, day still carries on in your mind at the end of the day, I know, I have had this, in bed with a pen and paper thinking about what needs to be done, listening to productivity Audiobooks, all this to give my day the best outcomes!

What gives you your maximum outcome, is Sleep, a lush deep sleep, this gives you maximum amount of energy, having the maximum amount of energy helps you through out the day, gives you the ability to maximise your days needs!

I’m a bit of an insomniac, I can have very sleepless nights, unless I give my night, a good end of day routine, this is my way of giving myself permission.

One of these is Sweet tea! I love sweet tea (or Green tea)

The another is a deep sleepy Lavender bathbomb

A hot bath with relaxing smells, and essential oils over your body, this relives your body of the stress, the stress wound up in your muscles needs to be relaxed, Alleviate Your Aches and pains, this alone sets you up for the night and a lush deep sleep!


A good smelling Lavender bath bomb gets deep into your senses, gives you your moment to relax and like with me, have that better night sleep.

Its sad that we have to plan to sleep, but, this is the joys of getting old, we push ourselves to be more alert through the day, fighting off sleep and relaxing during the day, we condition ourselves to not being able to switch off, this is why we need to start the process of unwinding.

I hope you like what I write, my path to relaxing is in tune with this website. I hope you can join me on my journey, while helping yourself relax, this is biggest part of this TAKE TIME  for yourself AND REWARD yourself! I’ll talk more about rewarding yourself in the future post

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