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Sleep and the Plus 65

Its well known that as we age, sleeping gets harder!

This is sad, this is now known to be caused by the degradation of the hypocretins, this is a channel of neurons in the brain’s hypothalamus, the lack of sleep leads to increased risk of multiple poor health, from hypertension to heart attacks, diabetes, depression and a build up of brain plaque linked to Alzheimer’s

Scientist are now working on better medication to counter this, these treatments are a little way off, till then, we have to set ourselves routines, to relax those hyperactive firing Neurons, one way is to exercise towards the end of the day, the other way is from practising yoga, to a relaxing Bath with bath Bombs to take us away to a perfect relaxing moment at the end of the day, this helps you download as much information ahead of your nights sleep!

I will be writing another blog posts about how sleep cleans your mind, and how too much sleep is bad for you, resting isn’t bad for you and maybe the Spanish have it right with siestas, the biggest part is taking stress off your mind, giving your brain a chance to download or unclutter and organise your thoughts, this helps us get into a more of a restful state later in the evening!

Edison use to practise similar when he wanted more inspiration, Edison use to rest with a ball in his hand, when the body was going into deep sleep, the body would relax and the hand grasping the ball would relax its grip, thus the ball would go to drop, that dropping reflex would wake Edison from his snooze, this technique not only great for cleared mind fog, it also helped him when he was in a lull for ideas and inspiration.


Do not be ashamed with taking time for yourself, to be honest, Im writing this for telling myself as well as talking to you, I feel guilty when I take time for me, or even spending money on myself, it is why I allow myself my little pleasure (I might feel guilty, the guilt will then subside when I gain the benefits) I think life is all about guilt tripping us, thats only due to everyone wanting something from us till they dont need us anymore, thus, time to stop feeling guilty and start taking those moments where we can think of a future for ourselves and our needs.

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