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Skin Care, the difference between using products and not

We talk on here a lot about Baths!

A hot bath isn’t good for your skin in the long term, but it is good for relaxing, so what do we do, we need to moisturise after, giving our skin its protection back!

Although Shea Bath Bombs do help with protecting and moisturising your skin

The chat

After a few talks lately with my brother, while also out the back, with it being exceptionally hot this summer, he was talking about his skin care routine! this got me thinking and researching!

I found a video on YouTube for evidence based skin care, and Im going to start investing in my skin, it was a very informative video, from the states perspective, one thing I loved what they said is that “skin care shouldn’t cost you more than 30 bucks!”, I liked this statement, this shows that they were promotion actual evidence, not a product that is over hyped or they earn a commission on!

During talks with my brother, (he works as a nurse) he said that he is getting compliments for his skin as of late. I’m a fair few years older than my brother, a lot more battle scar’s, but even with all this, I should still try for my skin!

Protecting your skin now will pay dividends in the future, your body wont be using up as much resources to replenish its self, thus helping maintain your youth and health.

The sun might be lovely at the moment, but it does also damaging our skin, your skin is damaged by a term called PHOTOAGING, the sun does a lot of aging to your skin, I’m not one to go out in the sun much, but now I do take sun screen and use it to protect my skin, after watching the above video, im changing the product now also.

After watching the video, I’m going to wear a moisturiser everyday, I want to be healthy as I grow old, I want to live as long as I can and experience more of life! so the little things I do now, will help benefit this goal!

There are other reason to want to look after your skin, the other reason is that I want to look good, when I finally find a partner, I want to look good, attractive for them also, would they be happy with the extra wrinkles in a world that is health conscious?

My thoughts are, maybe, if they love me enough from the offset, but I’d rather take extra steps and show I’m capable of looking after myself

Whats in the Video

Retinoids good for collagen and makes skin regenerate faster (retinols are the weaker version)

Sun cream with broad spectrum that protects you from the maximum rays

Cleanser Hydrating cleaner

using these about product types, you are on the path to winning against aging, the video simplifies the mind field, if it doesn’t show results in 30 days, you haven’t lost anything! you can try other types, giving yourself a base to start from is what is important!

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