Cariad Bombs

Shower streamers the bath bomb of those that prefer showers!

you want to have a relaxing bath but do not have the time, showers are here and the amount of time you need to have a bath, sometimes we just do not have that time!

A quick 10 minute shower is there and you are in and out and the days dirt is off you and you feel refreshed, this does not beat a bath and our goals are for getting relaxed!

I’ll be honest, I like the sound of the rain, I’m a ear minded person, the sound of rain is therapy to me, you add in a shower streamer bath bomb, Heaven!

The sound of rain, a steamy shower and the fragrance of the shower streamer in that mix, you have an epic combo!

You dont find much “me” time in the Shower, You will shower more than finding the time to have a bath with a bath bomb, I have a bath once a week, this helps me re-collect my week!

The good thing about the shower, you get time to makes sure I have time to write your diary and make sure you have my thoughts down!

Do you keep a personal journal, You have to free up your thoughts, helps you get the more important thoughts that will help clear what your goals and tomorrows task clear!

Biggest question we get is “how to use shower streamers” to be honest, its down to you, you can put it in direct stream of the shower or you can let the steam activate the aroma

the further from the Stream of the shower, the longer the shower streamer will last, you can try it in a bag near the shower head, this is good, again you can direct or move further away, depends on what type of shower heads you use!

The shower streamer last about 5 to 10 minute in direct stream, but i’d suggest keeping it out of direct stream unless you want a full experience.

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