Cariad Bombs

should our bath space be exciting or spartan

I find this interesting.

I have had partners that have made my bathrooms their own, I dont mind, as long as I can relax, im good, sometimes it has become to “extreme” with things in there, and in their homes, it is worse!

I’m more spartan, things that I need in there, shampoo, shower gel, and my bath bombs in a jar ready and waiting for their plunge to help me relax!

So do you have an idealistic relaxing place, or do you design your bathroom for relaxing? is it full of flowers and items that create a mood, or is it spartan and bright for the imagination to run how it wants.

This time for me is important, I need it to let my mind wonder and most of the time, solve problems, I do it with a bath bomb and the aromas and the relaxing feel, while the other way I relax and collate my thoughts is Walking!

So how do you design your bathroom space, it is important that you have this place to relaxing in, when you think about why, you are scrubbing the day off you, be it hard or stressful, you always feel better after a bath, a bath bomb adds to this scrubbing of the day!

its why im passionate about this, and talk about it, I say having these moment, makes the rest of the week easier!


here with you to make your week, relaxing and manageable.

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