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Shea butter in Bath Bombs

I have been using Shea bath bombs, and the feeling is great!

So I thought to myself, lets research what Shea is, lets explore something you might know, heard about, but never really looked into what Shea is!

The journey

Shea butter starts of as a nut from the Vitellaria paradoxa, commonly known as Shea tree, growing in Africa, the Shea is the pulp part of the nut, full of nutrients.

This nut supplements people through the hunger seasons and boost of high nutrients, high in 5 different fatty acids, the fun part is, that depending which fatty acid is dominant, changes the consistency of the Shea butter, if stearic acid portion is higher in the shea, this gives it a solid consistency.

The Phenolic compound that is found in Shea, that studies have found contains antioxidant properties, the antioxidant properties in Shea butter is similar to Green tea, no wonder you feel great and refreshed after Green tea and feel as healthy as  Shea bath bomb

The Benefits

Although being a nut (this should be a concern if you have an allergy for this) the shea pulp from the nut is an anti-inflamitory, it contains an ingredient called Butyrospermum parkii, Butyrospermum parkii has shown in studies to reduce inflammation on skin, the study showed Butyrospermum parkii has similar properties to cinnamon, Cinnamon has a lot of benefit properties and has been studied deeply!

The Butyrospermum parkii also has been shown to repair skin, helping the skin sell slow aging, stimulating the bodies own collagen production. this is one of the reasons you can find Shea butter is in a lot of beauty products and why you can find the butter in our quality bath bombs.

what we think

Just from the above list, you can see why people enjoy bath bombs with Shea butter in the ingredients, I for one, know the benefits of these, my normal bath bomb is a lavender one, but if I want to feel extra special (although I tend to write less when in the bath with a shea bomb )

Give them a try, or if like me, you already know the joys of Shea bath bombs, why not treat yourself or a love one to an amazing feeling in their next bath.

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