Cariad Bombs

Rishi said what

You might like Rishi Sunak, but after what he said in Kent today, was beyond belief!

Imagine reverse robing hood, it was beggars belief, one second he was talking about dissidence, people talking down the UK in some shape or form, then going out of his way to rob the areas of the Uk that need investment and growth, after months of “leveling up” promises, he shows that he was robbing them blind!


I know this is a page about relaxing and such, but that is it, im saying my 5p’s worth on this, from Wales, i have seen the devastation of Westminster gambling, going out of it way to do things without replacing industry they have collapsed with something that would bring opportunity to areas left impoverished!

now, many in the Valleys, although hurt, kept on to the belief that the UK is and was better to be apart of, stronger together, but can you imagine that this was torys belief back then, am i to think it wasn’t, when I look at the poverty in Wales, and how we fund HS2 and get no benefits from it, I think, are we in Wales suckers!?

Remember when

Then I think back to Rashford and helping to feed kids, one has to think, did the begrudge do that more than they are letting on, it was during this time i was glad to have devolution, imagine we felt the full extent of that pure distain for your voter base that you promised levelling up to?

No bath bomb plug on this (or is that a plug??? i’ll let you decide) what this is, is the what the hell moment, all truth that people knew about the conservatives coming out in to reality! it is what they do, the pandemic highlighted this with all the money they wasted, but for them then to rip of the people that gave them an unprecedented 80 SEAT majority, its is disgusting.

I have had it with them, I will not ever consider them as a party worthy of power again, I do not think they are for the people, they are for the few!


I can even add to this with the coming recession, it was all of theirs’s doing, none of them are innocent on this, if Liz truss thinks she can wonder woman it away, I think she will have another things coming, if what the Bank of England forecasted is to go by, its going to be a hard year and a half ahead! and this is after they bojo government ripped people off with giving their mates a bunch of our money, to then find out they were robbing them to prop up support in their constituencies and safe seats!

to hell with the new red wall support it was they just screamed and then you take into account the north south divide, now you can think, it was all engineered! argh, I’m too angry!

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