Cariad Bombs

Rainy Day and Warm bath

Warm bath and a bath bomb.

Its like poetry, its like the end of a hard day!

Its taking your weary bones and giving them a right to relax.

We have all done it, slipped into the bath and felt that moments of aching subside and feel better from the Warm water enveloping our body.

Oh the moments of washing of the day, the Reward that you should be waiting for you at the end of the day

Add into the warm water a bath bomb, and you speed up that path way to relaxing, and this is heaven in a lot of peoples books, or end of week relax!

When you add in the aroma and the steam flowing around the room, the memory isn’t in the bath, it follows you around your home.

When it comes to Cariad Bomb, we value a relax, those moments we come back to the center, reclaim our thoughts, our body from a hard day!

This is why we are passionate about bath bombs, and use them regular, we collect our thoughts and use the time to make better decisions.

This actually works, the time in the bath take you away from distraction, allows you more time to weigh on thoughts that are important, then make better informed choices!

From buying a new car to to taking an important decision in your life!

A clear mind helps, a relaxing bath helps, a bath with a bath bomb set up the environment to help make a relaxing calm measure plan!

Its time to treat yourself and know what you want and need from the time when you relax!

The worse thing to do is make plans when you are stressed, it is proven, plans made when stressed tend to be on the detrimental, especially when it is concerning money and future needs.

We talk about this here and we do pass this on to our readers, as it is important to us and we hope we save people digging deeper holes.

Its easy to change your life, and we think relaxing and thinking if the things you have done have lead you in the right way!


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