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I was at a festival the other day called Between the Tree‘s

I kid you not, I never smelt fresh air in since my childhood, the oxygen was flowing out of the tree’s the Festival was focused on nature and science, well worth a visit!

While there, I parked up in a field, and followed the flags, then the lights in the tree’s (hanging of branches) walking along a wooded path area to a clearing that was set up for the festival!

As I was walking through the wooded walk way, I seen people putting up tents, all that was going through my mind is the smell of freshness and I understood why people were there and setting up where they were setting up.

I felt good, like when I was in the bath with a Floral fizz Bath Bomb, surrounded by natural and environment.

Its good to get back out into nature, the smell carried with me all evening, my lungs felt full, not restricted like I was at a city road all the time, noise level low, not the beeping of cars, or the buzzing of every day life.

Felt like when I was a kid and running through the local woods, or climbing the mountains again!

Lost in moments, this is part of the Cariad bomb ethos! we want to give you moments if you cant get to the moments like we mentioned above!

We offer a lot of products that help with this, from relaxing moments to sensation experiences! its time we take back time to give ourselves the time to relax, or if at least, time to breath!

Do you ever think to yourself on how to get out of commercial life, see life on the side streets? or in the country streets!

Living life by perspectives is a great way to live, I think it adds value to your experiences, imaging you were at Between the Trees, and your lungs felt alive, you went home relaxed, if not a little dirty, but happier!

What would you tell your friends and family or work colleagues, what would you tell them, how can you describe it, you would have to say, you got to experience it to understand!

Imagine you could give them this in a Bath Bomb in the mean while and then suggest to them go next year to an experience what you enjoyed!

My mom is a wicker (witch of sorts) and goes to many of similar things, a group of 70 people gather and enjoy nature, (not science in these events) and she has become happier from it!

Are we townies and city folk missing something from our lives!

Like when I was coming home from Faro, and driving back from Cardiff airport, leaving the city/built up areas, getting to the country side, and start seeing the greenery again, its a sight that I missed on holiday!

Do you notices these little things, or will you notice these things we take for granted now?

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