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Why Natural soap should be on your shopping list

Your average shop bought soap is full of chemicals, such as SLS and parabens and having these on your skin isn’t good, see why you should have natural soap on your shelf

starting with Parabens,

Parabens is a preservative, this chemical can be found in a lot of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, Parabens are mainly used due to anti-fungal properties, as well as being a bactericidal, which means bacteria will not replicate on the compound

Parabens has been linked to cancer, this is a good start to why Greenman soap is better for your bath room, made with natural products such as sustainable palm oil and pure aromatic oils, your skin will love you for cleaning yourself with Greenman natural soap.

How Parabens work is the thing of horror stories for your cells, take what parabens do to bacteria, it stops bacteria transferring its DNA and RNA (this is how bacteria replicates and infects) but this replicate system is similar to how your skin and body’s cells duplicate themselves also, and we do not want to block this process, this is why Parabens is linked to Cancer.

SLS in soaps

SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, is quite nasty to your skin, I know this blog is about promoting the use of natural soap over shop bought, but these two chemicals in soaps are bad, SLS strip your skin of its natural oils, causing dry skin, this adds to your problems if you suffer sensitive skin (which we talked about here if you would like to read)

SLS will increase acne on your skin, I have noticed a difference in my skin from changing soaps, I suffer sensitive skin, and once I changed my soaps, I noticed,

  1. one my skin was less irritated and less sensitive
  2. two the fact my acne (spots) cleared up a lot

our skin has a hard job of fighting day to day grim, then, using a soap that strips your skin of its natural oils that keeps the skin supple, isn’t a good end to your day, or start.

Our mission here is doing things that make our lives a little healthier and lower stressed! little things like natural soap such as the Greenman soap are a start of a big hill of things we can do to feel better about ourselves.

Greenman Natural Soap

To start with Greenman soaps are made in the UK, and are not made with Parabens and SLSs, making your skin feel better about having Greenman soaps cleaning you.

Vegan friendly, we source the products from naturally source and ethically sourced ingredients, this should be a concern for us also, not just because it happens, and not because we destroy our rainforest, but because it provides better jobs, better working environments and a better world via good jobs! this should make us all happy.

We don’t want to show we are out to save the world and guilt you into buying these soaps, what we want to show is that, this little purchase will make a little difference to you and the supply chain, which is healthy change, but most of all, we are not washing our skin in chemicals that do our skin damage and makes us unhealthy!

With more people buying moisturiser than ever before, we can start giving our skin love from the morning with a natural soap that will not damage your skin when you start the day.

If you would like some natural soap on your shelf, here is the link to the page

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