Cariad Bombs

Natural bath bombs

The Great thing about Bath Bombs is that ingredients are natural, well ours’s are or I wouldn’t offer them to the public, or use the best bath bombs myself!

But peoples concerns are just, you are exposing your skin to them and the bath bombs dissolve in water with strange colours.

With films as they are, even silly films effect our perception on the bath, I still check around bath curtain for knife wielders (lol) but, if you have a skin condition, then yes, it should be considered!


Natural bath bombs for eczema where someone might be weary on the salts irritating the Eczema to flair up again, If you do have sensitive skin, then do consult Doctors, you do not want to cause yourself discomfort, or pain! I’m all about relaxing!


Most bath bombs are eco friendly, safe to use, basically baking soda and citrus acid, with food colouring additives. these should be safe to use in a majority of cases, and skin types, but if in doubt, consult!



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