Cariad Bombs

mistakes and contemplates chill with bathbombs

I think when we make mistakes, we have to admit, we are not perfect!

Is it a bad thing, you curse yourself at dropping things mindlessly, a simple pen, or fork, leaves your hand, when you have teld them thousands of times, you question yourself!

It’s time we forgive our humanness.

As the Great Stephen Hawkins states :- One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist… without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.

Stephen is right, we are the sum of our randomness, like a bath bomb in a hot bath, the spread of the desolving salts, oils and colouring spreads to full the water and aroma mixing with the steam.

I live in Randomness, you find that randomness actual makes up our day, when a phone call knocks us out of our routine, we react and adapt!

This is the great thing about “mankind”

Again as the great Stephen hawkins states:- Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

So, how do we adpat and change, this is why I like bath bombs, as this is one of my thinking spaces, in the bath with selective aromas, I also find it hard to use technology in the bath (my phone isnt water proof, and we should have a none tech space also, dont crowd all your rooms with technology)

While there, I gather my thoughts, learn and relearn my lessons! what do I mean, well I imagine the problem, and come up with 1000’s odd examples, this helps my brain recognise and over come issues faster, and this can help you also, do you dwell on problems? if you do it means you have a health imaginations (unless you are looking at revenge for some issues, to which, this isn’t healthy, think about you and progressing yourself!)

When you next have a problem, get your bath flowing, with some off our Bath bombs, and write that problem down, get your imagination flowing on ways of over coming issues, and this can help if you want to study, the more your imagine, that better you become at the subject!

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