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luxury bath bombs

luxury bath bombs

Comes down to quality ingredients, products and how you feel!

Natural and socially sourced products, the company that we get our supplies from, often tells us about where they source their ingredients from and what they do to support the local areas makes us proud to support the manufacture!

Jobs, investment, from you buying Bath Bombs and gaining luxury bath bomb experience, you are supporting an infrastructure that you can be proud of!

When relaxing in the bath, getting your thoughts together, soaking the day out of your body, in an aroma rich, Shea butter softness, or floral fizz’s, quality and luxury all night.

What I class as luxury, could be different for you, but I know what we supply is luxury and provides more!

A hot bath and a night with a book or music, with a cup of tea is luxury to me, Im a simple person, I work and do what I can to relax and unwind!

I’m not even a big sleeper, Girlfriends I have been with in the past could sleep all day, I can’t, as soon as I wake up I need to get up, and then plan my day get things done.

Do you like sleeping in, or does relaxing in a luxury bath bomb helps with this, I sometimes, if I have a problem with sleeping, try putting on a channel on YouTube called the Relaxed guy.

He plays lovely sounds, white noise of the sea, water and rain, this helps you go to sleep, the countless times I have used this channel helped me sleep again.

What would your luxury be, what would you like us to add to our collection, if we can get it we will, we are here for you and your relaxing moments, providing quality is part of the service, but Luxury is where we’d like to feel you are getting as part of the products

This is a hard subject for me, I’m not a person who does luxury, is it the top end chocolate, the best wine, the nicest clothes.

For me it is the ability to relax and collect my thoughts, setting myself up to relax, even waking up in the back of my van next to the sea, even on a wet night, its heaven

So tell us what you find or is luxury in the comments below!

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