Cariad Bombs

licence on pedal bikes, Time for A Chill Pill bath bomb

Yep, we have seen the latest from the UK gov on deflecting from main issues!

What do I think

I think its silly, the damage a bike would do over a car is massively different.

The bike isn’t as fast, and i will end up contradicting myself on this article no doubt, but i think this isn’t as easy as we thing!

If a bike passing a car hits a car, at worst scratches and a broken wing mirror, or once what happened to me on my way home, is someone opened a door on me and i went into the door, it wasn’t my fault, it was the door openers fault!

But lets play devils advocate, what about ebike, are they not scooters in effect, I agree, they are, should they follow the same rules, NO!

Why? due to convenience of issues, we want to get people off motor vehicles and on to something more environmentally friendly (im not getting into the coal debate, its silly) batteries are better for the environment.

what should happen

But another thing I will ad, they should wear helmets and have insurance, lets say £12 for just in-case, be that on an e-bike or a scooter.

If they are riding without a helmet, police should be allowed to pull them over!

There is more import issues in the UK currently, this issue deflects from the actual problems, which is why I’ll not get into a total debate with friends and people i love teasing about our conflicting political issues!

I think why I win on debates, is that I can relax in my bath and think about things, reflect on what I think about, evaluate what’s been said to me! you can do this also, start here

I love contemplating, and finding a place to relax and go over issues I want to get right in my mind is my gold mine, getting in a bath and relaxing is what wins (in my book)

Slowing down life and reflecting I think is important, and getting caught up in other peoples headwinds, in this case, the UK governments, is dangerous for you!

Why does this happen, why do people get you caught up in their headwinds, could it be for attention grabbing or attention deflecting, I think people have agendas which is laughable and getting masses talking about other things is the greatest magicians trick alive!

Head Winds

Im all about trying to stay out of other peoples “strides” its what waste your time the most, has you running around like a headless chicken, and finding out that the effort and money wasted was for nothing!

Its why we should take the step back approach, a Chill Pill bath bomb moment, a chill pill is very apt for this above, a lesson if you will.

Chill pills are little and you get 10 in a pick, and on little issues like above we should take a little moment to think for ourselves and think is it worth getting caught up in deflecting issues!


Anyway, have a fun weekend, lets evaluate and chill this weekend.

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