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Why are lavender bath bombs so popular?

Lavender is a popular plant in the UK and for good reasons, Lavender gives off a stunning calming aroma when in bloom, lavender starts its bloom in spring and summer, with a popular tourist destination in Banstead, england, where you can visit lavender fields and take beautiful picture with beautiful purple backgrounds.

Lavender loves to grows in gravelly soil, mainly found in many European areas, English lavender has a long germination process and matures over a 100day period over its European counter parts

Lavender origins

Lavender is apart of a the mint family (who knew, explains why mint is the second most popular bath bomb) found across Europe east and Northern Africa to south Asia. has a long history of being used in medicines and cosmetics.

Lavender is popular plant in most British gardens, the Purple blue flower that contains fine hairs called Indumentum, where he essential oils are contained, lavender is now grown for its essential oils that is used in Balms Bath Bombs, perfumes and cosmetics with lavender oils used in hospitals during the first world war!

Safe to eat

Lavender is also safe to eat, lavender is used to amplify both sweet and savoury dishes, while making herbal teas a drink to themselves.

Lavender is pared with chocolate enhancing the flavours of both baked good and in the US as a syrup, used to make lavender scones and marshmallows

I also know a lot of Bee Keepers that love setting up hives near lavender fields, producing a high quality Honey and as I just found out, lavender sugar, I’m definitely going to grab some to try!

The Benefits of Lavender bath bombs

Lavender is popular in bath bombs due to its relaxing nature, lavender has a long history of calming and relaxing and study’s back this us.

In 2017 60 people participated in a study that showed lavender oil improved the sleep quality in ICU.

On skin, although deemed safe, has shown to have some minor adverse effect, but having also been shown to have antioxidant properties that contributes to healing wounds, it is always worth consulting a doctor and knowing what you are allergic to, this is good for your health and to know how to maintain your skin and keep it happy.

Lowers pain, a study found that Women who were treated with lavender aromatherapy reported lower pain intensity during pregnancy.

The calming effects from the aroma helps lower stress while lowering stress, it helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

Lavender in Bath Bombs

The above shows the power of having a bath bomb with lavender oils  released in the steam of the bath.



and helps with sleep.

After a long week in work, or suffering from stress where it makes it hard to switch off, a bath bomb in a warm bath, will help set up an environment to relax, with an aroma that is proven to help in stressful situations such as pregnancy.

We like to show the value of giving yourself time to relax, unwind and give yourself a space to do establish a place to unwind, with extra help from bath bombs to help you get there quicker, bath bombs are to stress, that coffee is to sleep, when you wake up to a coffee, end your week stress free and know you are ready for the next week in work.

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