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Inspiration takes time!

When it comes to inspiration, you need time to digest

Yep, time is your escaping friend! the more time you give a problem, the more likely you are to solve a majority of lifes problems!

But there is a catch! you cant be near the problem, or I should say, in the same room as the problem!

Being around the problem make your mind look at the problem and not look for a solution!

Lots of the great have their escapes in life! for example, Einstein was a known musician, he’d run to his study, play a few cords, this would spark his imagination, Einstein would jot down notes and run back to his work!

This proves we all need our time to ourselves! for me and could be for you, a bath/shower!

Sometimes we only need 5 min’s away from our issues, during that time, we give our mind time to “digest” our thoughts and our subconcious time to come up with an idea!

WE all need a break, but why do we feel guilty for this, why do we not take time for ourselves?

Not long ago, I was working 20hr’s a day, I noticed that I was making more mistakes, this led to more stress, less escape, less time for my mind to solve problems!

Do you find yourself getting caught up in similar, its not good if you are, this could leed you to chacing your tail!

I once watched a guy on Youtube (I wont name them as I think they gave bad information) and he said the secrets to his success was going 100MPH and not caring about the mistakes!

Well this guy had a fall from grace ( I actually watched it in semi real time) its easy to run a 100mph (in show maybe) with a team of people to help patch up the issue.

This is how Richard branson is able to set up 400 companies, he has a massive team behind him! His resources enable him to do this!

If you had this type of Resources, then we would be able to be as fast, but im assuming you are like me, a person who only has their immediate family and maybe some of them are children that requir you picking up their mistakes, let alone your own!

So, do you need a bath or shower, that time to yourself!

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