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how to relax and get more done with bath bombs

Welcome to 2023, its time to relax with bath bombs and plan our best year

I think we all want a new year, these past couple of years have been hard for most, we all could do with a new focus and priorities

Why work for work sake, why not work for our goals sake, instead of keeping up with the Jones, we keep up with our goals in mind instead.

This isn’t hard, it just require slight changes and focuses.

The biggest problem is not being on the back foot by over burdening ourselves for the year, when you set yourself up to fail, lets say, starting in the gym, going everyday of the week, and trying to get fitter, this works for some, but exceptions are not the rule, you set yourself up for a bad year.

The truth is, your comfort zone (although we want to break free from) is set up, with many things we like to do or will miss doing, lets say its watching a TV program on Wednesday or lets say its having friends over on Thursday, these days being taken over by a new course or going to the gym upset the things we like to do already.

If you try and incorporate the gym around all your standard normal everyday life, you will tire yourself out and start finding you have to give something up, your mind will rejects the latest addition, the gym!

This isn’t a bad thing, your body and brain are projecting your interest, to go to the gym requires more work and effort to get to, thus the easiest option to drop.

This is where I like to use the add in effect, you pick ONE thing, and you pick a time, and you slowly add it in, think about the cold water at the beach, you go for your first swim, do you run and jump in, NO 90% of the time, you slowly walk in and get use to the water.

This is how we should approach most of our lives, 90% taking our time, but how does this translate to doing something new.

This is why I love my baths relax time, and especially with a Bath Bomb to clear my mind with a purpose behind the bath, with a pen and paper to hand, with a topic on top ready to write about so I don’t forget, I get my ideas on paper about what I want.

So how do we ease ourselves into the “water”, I’ll give you an example of what I’m currently working on, for the last 30day I have been practising my memory, I have been marking this on a calendar, and I look at each X on that calendar as a step in, but also, I’m only giving this 10mins for each day over that 30days, do you think I can find 10mins a day, yes I can.

What happens, at the end of that 30days, I have accumulated 5 hours of time practising memory techniques, normally I’ll over burden myself and fail in knowing where I was going wrong, while also fighting my mind to learn something new when it was over burdened and starting to reject change, this time I have my mind working with me and enjoying the process, I am training my mind to learn.

I know its strange to say, “training your mind to learn”, but it is a stubborn organ that doesn’t like change when its set in its ways, which is why you need a relaxing environment to make an “agreement” with yourself that slowly builds up the new routine, which is why I love bath time with Bath Bomb added in, and come up with a plan, while relaxing.

Set up your new year with a plan that will last, buy easing yourself in with something that can be done with in 30mins a day and be done in a time that your have less distractions that you like doing, or something your don’t mind giving up!

My goal for the next 30days is to do two memory practises a day and memories things as well.

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