Cariad Bombs

How smells effect out mood and bath bombs help

Anchoring, have you heard of what Anchoring is?

Its used in NLP terms, Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP deals with how you talk to yourself! also how you control your moods also

Controlling moods is what I like about NLP, the ability to switch on and off what moods we do or do not want, like, if a car cuts you up, do you want to get angry and keep that mood around you all day?

OR, set an anchor and get yourself into a better mood?

The downside is that it takes concerted effort, for some this isn’t easy as we have a lot of distractions.

Once set up, it is powerful, I drive a lot, I know the annoyance of getting cut on, and “road rage” so to speak, but i now changed my mood and amazingly, less people beep at me and I do not beep or get as angry on the roads as I use to!

In this instance, it didn’t take long, it took recognising the mood I wanted to change, once noted, I could just slow it down and cancel it out, I drive a lot, being in these instances and correcting this emotion was quicker than someone who drives once a day.

When it comes to setting an anchor to change a mood, visualisation of “experiences” (imaginary or past experience or a mixture of both) and Aromas massively increases your ability to control your state!

This is why I love a bath, you can get into state, and the aromas and the feeling state you get to in the bath sets your mood right up!

Need time for yourself, or a point to set up a relaxed happy state and anchor it to a clicking of your fingers, a clapping of your hands, this way you can anchor and activate your state!

Get in a lovely warm bath, start setting the state, set the anchor, and start imagining the state you want to change to, and set it this your bath bomb experience!

NLP and Bath bombs just increased your moods and states deeper! we will go in deeper again on this!

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