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Hangover and Bath bombs

Well you had an amazing night out, laughing with friends, drinking, eating, getting home late

Then you wake up in the morning, and the headache hits, the dehydration, the hunger, the lack of enthusiasm.

the HANGOVER has kicked in, this is the cost of a great night out, losing yourself in the music and moment, forgetting your limits and going with the flow!

but you got great memories, so why should a hangover spoil your day!

I normally drink a bit of water through the night to save myself the heavy hangover, but if you forget, this isnt the end of the world!

A hot bath and a bath bomb are here to help, imagine, the lovely feel of the water, the bath bomb, the Aroma and the steam, all helps cure your hangover!

How this works :- the steam helps clear air path waves, this added with the aroma of a bathbomb, and the feeling your skin feels, helps with circulation of oxygenated blood, all the above helps with detoxifying, speeding up how quick your blood circulates around your body and bring back up your energy levels!

The hot water also relaxes your body and stimulates more blood circulation, allowing blood to carry out the toxins quicker and penetrating parts and fats where alcohol is store (the quick burning fats that are stored from your late night kebab, yes you know the one i am talking about)

During high alcohol intake, and eating fatty foods, alcohol gets stored in the fatty tissue and when you are in bad hungover, this alcohol is released making you feel worse as it course through your body!

which is why when you run the day after, you sometime start getting drunk, or you can fail a blood test the next day, the release of alcohol stored in fats into the blood is why we want to speed up circulation and add more water to our next day sympathy diet

Top is Water, we are 70% water,

next is exercise

3rd is a hot bath with a bath bomb for richness and better circulation

We all need a blow out, and most of this Blog/Business is about relaxing, sometimes relaxing means going crazy and letting your hair down!

You need to get that time for yourself, while also having a functioning life, and functioning life is about routine and scheduling time and that includes blow outs and holidays.

join us on the journey of relaxing and controlling our time to get the most out of life!


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