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Guilty pleasures

So we all have our vices.

For me its my sweet tea, three sugars in my tea, oh how I love my end of day tea!

Just been eating donuts, and the guilty pleasure thought came to my mind, and you cant help but enjoy them, do you have a vice that is yours, your reward, your guilty pleasure, and is it productive?

I know, there are some pleasure that are detrimental, but it isn’t what we are talking about here.

We are adults, in control, if you need that extra help to control those guilty pleasure that are out of control, please find support 

What is your little luxury of life, mine is sweet tea and Bath Bombs, chillaxing, finding a point to say to yourself that the day has been good and I can reward myself with my guilty pleasures.

Some off these do conflict with my goals, but as a reward, I’m not upset with these “interruptions” in my goal to fitness or prosperity

Do you use your chocolate addiction to your advantage, or do you over indulge, should we set up a “if I do this, then I get this” system!

I did it in the past to get effect, but its hard to maintain, what I did is, every time I made 4 phone calls, I rewarded myself with a fruit pastels and it helped, it made the reward better, and the chores easier to do

Why is it hard to maintain, well the reward is lessoned, and sometimes it is hard to pick up the phone and you make excuses, or life gets in the way.

So have your heard of conditioning, you can use your guilty pleasure to train yourself to enjoy the hard things in life, I did it, and it became easier, and I like making things easier in my life!

Why I like to relax, its contemplation, you cover the gaps you missed, you lower the hurdles in your life, you clear your mind from the noise, there are tons of benefits to planning relaxing moments, and rewarding yourself for this is part of the procedure!

Your guilty pleasure is a way to reward yourself for this, and it makes the guilty pleasure more enjoyable!

Use your life to improve your life, without deducting from your life, I remember when I studied the 4 hour body by Tim Ferris, it makes a Friday a cheat day, you can indulge in cakes and so much, and you still lose weight! it is amazing!

It gave me something to work to through the week, and oh didn’t I enjoy the weekend more, I’d think about what my cheat day meals would be, and I explored some amazing meals!

Time to enjoy your chores as you are going to get rewarded for it

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