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Where is that extra Mile

I watch and listen to motivation stuff, I like a lot of the things out there, but I tend to stay away from the woolly unquantifiable stuff.

Things like just go that extra Mile!

What is the extra mile, where is the extra mile, and if you are searching for that extra mile to give, where do you cut it off and say that’s enough miles today!?

You could run yourself ragged trying to run that extra mile, going that extra step, doing that extra thing for the day, make that extra sale.

So do you tire yourself out chasing the Carrot while beating yourself with a stick at the same time! well no, that’s not living, that’s punishment!

This “extra” mile is a treadmill of endless miles, you don’t know where the extra mile ends, its a revolving mile that is always around a corner!

Lessons from the past

I remember in school when we had the yearly run, I’d run the 5 or 10 miles (I cant remember the distance) and I’d use the lamppost to push myself the distance, I’d say, lets get to that one down there and then I’ll see how I feel!

What would happen is I’d feel them same (I was already tired) and there was another distance ahead that I felt like I could take myself!

What about when it all went out of control, for me that wasn’t all that long ago, I worked 20hr days, it ended up costing me more, I didnt benefit from it, I just burnt myself out!

Along came time management books and starting to sort out the craziness of my life! a lot of life lessons was learnt!

Could that be the extra miles?

I suppose, when doing that run in school, I set myself way points, may be that is key, your goals, establishing your goals and accomplishing them is that extra mile!?

Its why I like setting goals when I am relaxed in the bath with a Bath Bomb and have no distractions around me to establish what I want to complete to get to where I want to go/get to in life!

That way, you can see what you achieved with the miles and set way points along the trip!

Life is about the journey, so sight see and enjoy it along the way, set the things you do and don’t like so you know what you did was relevant to you!

Why is it so related to bath bombs!

Because this website is dedicated to them, but, besides that we know the part of  relaxing and taking time for yourself.

Why let stress build up, it makes things worse, you end up with more problems, when you look back you think, how did I survive that, and it didn’t have to be like that, with a pen and paper, time to yourself.

you will see how much of a difference it makes, your set way points in your life, the immoveable objects to do in your calendar, makes your future more productive and less expensive!

On my phone calendar, Im starting to use a red colour for my immovable goals/objects of the week! something so simple is so powerful also!

its the simple little things that makes the difference, and we should use these things and not complicate life!


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