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Goals and Bath Bombs

So I am going to mix goals and Bath bombs together for fun, lets see where this goes, I think it will be interesting!

Every year a majority of people celebrate the dawning of a new year by setting goals! for most, this is a bad start, they wake up with a hang over and set a goal, most things comes down to energy and state, this breeds enthusiasm as well, these are the things I noticed when I try to tackle my goals! being in the best clear state at the start is a must, KNOW your goal!

Does a goal need to be completed, its debatable cause life happens, but one could argue its how you get to the goal that is important! I agree to some extent with both! but I’m more about the monitoring of progress! marking down what I learnt! the learning and making sure you learnt lessons from your goal pursuit its what is important!

I think the biggest problem with goal setting is peoples ability to overload themselves with goals and missions of things to complete, this wears the goal setter out! which takes us back to the top statement about energy! the biggest ways we recuperate energy is eating and resting, time for bath bombs to enter the mix, yes, see the mind needs time to “digest” what it has learnt relaxing with bath bombs give your brain this time, also sleeping,  we busy ourselves with so much, that we do not give out minds time to digest this new knowledge into its defined place of storage in our psyche, but todays population, always has to be switched on in todays world, this is false, you gain more time and speed when you take time for yourself and relax!

two periods in my life.

I started monitoring my eating and was in a challenge with friends on who would have the best beech body, Iwas engaged, I wanted to win this, monitored everything I ate, I followed the four hour body! when it came to our lads holiday, I won hands down, I was enjoying that win! the thing is I didn’t do much in the form of weight lifting, I did martial arts (mauy thai) and monitored my eating! with daily push ups and sit ups, simple! but the core fact was consistency, and not letting things get in the way of the goal and the important aspect, the path I set to that goal was clear and easy to do!

This example wasn’t that long ago, I was working like a dog, I was waking up at 4am, doing a morning job due to circumstances that changed for me, as well as my two business to run, then I took on an additional sub contracting work that seen me driving sometimes 200 miles, from my home to Devon, its was stressful and my life wasn’t getting anywhere fast, I got trapped in a vicious circle! the thing is when I gave up the jobs, my life feels relaxed and I can focus again and focus on what I need to get sorted! what’s more important, I started setting my goals and routines, not having someone else setting them the moral, set your goals and time or someone will set them for you and pay you less for it!

The point is, take things at your time, monitor and manage things you feel important, work out what isnt important to your future, have time for your mind to “download” the info in the form of you time, a bath bomb moment definitely helps here, do not over load your mind with too many task, especially if you have dependents, and goals will get done, and the top part of this is too REWARD yourself for these completions/milestones, it helps!

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