Cariad Bombs

fun in Van Camping

This weekend, Im stripping out my van, putting a bed in it and sleeping under the stars!

I love doing this,random driving, pitch up, enjoy a Cwrw (Beer) and sometimes wake up next to the sea crashing against the rocks!

I’m all about chillaxing, I think its fundamental to life (well mine at least) do you find what is fundamental to you, that or those moments where you are in your element and can relax regardless of what is going on!

I take incence with me, it ad’s to the enviorment, lost in poetry of the moment, the night and sometime the sound of the rain on the Van is heavenly!

I sometimes dont have a great sleep, but i am refreshed!

What are your relaxed beyond question, is it being around people at a party, doing your hobbie, starring into the distance! writting your thoughts on paper,

If you dont have one, can you create one, if I asked my mum, its watching Corrination st lol

But remember, having these moment ( like my bath weekly recollection) where you collect your thoughts, where you dont need to be present, on an auto pilot but present also!

I know this is ambigious, but im thinking about my weekend away and thoughts are about this!

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