Cariad Bombs

fun in the sun, remember the skin cream

Fun in the sun isn’t without dangers, some are very hidden!

I posted about skin cream and how UV rays damage the skin, this isn’t a now thing, this is an accumulation thing

From the video, I ended up buying some of the products, one was Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen Fluid SPF – Superior 5star UVA protection

Very Hot

I used this in the extreme heat over the last two days, and I have noticed a difference, and Im not a sun seeker, with the above cream on, I felt protected from the heat, and if im in the sun too long, lobster mode comes on, this wasn’t the case!

I have been using a cream on my arms and body, this is keeping me moisturised and my arms are looking healthy, a cut on my hand is repairing nicely also! im glad i started this routine alongside my current routines!

like a bath bomb with Shea butter, you are on a good path to having healthy skin! look after your skin and you will have a healthier life.

this is going to be a short blog about what we have already talked about, please dont take the sun lightly, its not your friend if its too intense

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