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Bath bomb reflection to relax more

Why we need to reflect on our goals!

Focus is the Key

We are all about relaxing here at Cariad Bomb, relaxing and success is the keys behind the majority of our posts!

Because, working ourselves to the grave isn’t part of our ethos, it is about getting the most out of your time without stress eating away at our sanity!

Its why we connect our goals with a relax in a bath with a bath bomb and taking account, or reflecting of what we have achieved!

Powerful feedback

On our post yesterday, we read during our research, that Athletes reflect on their journals and goals, they see where they are in their journey, this provided powerful feedback!

Reading our own biography provides powerful insight into US, its an evolving manuscript of where we are going!

Yes, the first few pages are going to seem like a waste of time, but you will be surprised how quick they build up, and start providing guidelines!

You imaging you marked down each time you were inactive during the day, then looked at it after 1 week, you would be shocked to this result!

Its good to reflect, but inactivity is not getting us anywhere near our goals, even if those goals are to learn to knit, most of this can be done while sitting down!

If you are not studying, you are not learning, if you do not book the time, you will never give the time!

I select time to do the things I like, and the things I don’t like, like playing on my computer, I give myself an hour after 9pm and sometimes use it as a reward if I do other things that are a positive!

What do we want

We all know what we want, but having a focus on one or two items at the start gives us a better chance to get to those goals!

Lets look at the athletes, they know what they want, they focus on this, they have a sense of how to accomplish this.

Yes, there is a 100 people they are competing against, but not everyone is doing the same thing and monitoring what they are doing, some will have trainers, and they do hit higher on the ladders, but we are our own trainers!

This is why our journals become our reflecting trainers, we re-read our biographies while relaxing in the bath with our favourite bath bomb and see what a mission we have undertaken on the last few days

This is how we relax

Like having a GPS, we know we are on the right road, and things are easier and less stressful!

Our mission is to make life less stressful, and reviewing our wants and needs is that golden ticket of focus!

Set the GPS and review the distance and where you have come from and where you are going at your stops is the ticket to getting ourselves to better places and learning new skills


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