Cariad Bombs

Floral Fizz Bath Bombs

Ever tried Floral Fizz Bath Bombs

I have, and they are something else, more aroma and more relaxing,

I tried one, the experience, I’m going to welcome again and again, the aroma was around the house for a while afterwards, the memory remained!

I like cooking good food and prefer trying new oils, sesame seed oil is the best, the flavour and oil is good for making a lovely meals and feel better after it!

I decided after my last takeaway to not have takeaways again, my preferred meal from the Chinese is Shredded beef in a chilly sauce!

Problem is, you feel podgy after it, and the next day with more weight and needing to fill yourself up again!

Its why, home made meals are more filling, you can make the food to your appeal! not profit, I guess.

But, its not the case with these floral Fizz bath bombs! I found a great time putting these into the bath and letting the aroma and bath water flow around me.

What an experience, relaxing, maybe a little too relaxed, as I forgot to write in my journal.

But yes, give them a try and enjoy your relax, you deserve it!

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