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Finding randomly interesting things that makes you proud

Yep, as the title says, I stumbled on a random find that made me proud to be human again!

No it wasnt finding a random fiver do the back of the sofa (although that is good) this was a company on Kickstarter

Dont ask me how I got onto Kickstarter (probably following ads from an article lol who says advertising doesnt work), but I got curious to what sort of other things were on kickstarter and local!

Im Wales there is a guy writing a book about a traveling Carpet Salesman who stumbles on a murder, its got full backing, story sounds interesting also!

I get curious as to what else was there in the wider area covering all of britain!

You had your standard board games, other novels and the geek collections to an African Restaurant, which good luck to them, shame it is in London (i would have visited), but then I think that is a better place to open such a business!

I then stumbled on an item called Nona Loop, made from Recycled Ocean plastic, you have a company that take our ocean waste and reuses it, I love ingenuity like this, there is all positives and no down sides!

The same company has also created pegs for lines in the past, they used a similar system where they take ocean waste and recycled it and made an everyday product that is used, with the cost of living, people are already turning back to hanging laundry over tumble drying, perfect timing for the product and the concious minded person who does care about the enviroment and whats to do their part, I think Ardderchog (Welsh for excellent also Gwych is)!

Did you go and have a look, what are your thoughts on this, please leave a comment below.

I see my Bath company as eco friendly, and I’d always promote recycled over non-recycled good, I have even wrote in my articles how to get more uses out of your bath bomb. Bath bombs are made with naturally sourced goods and ingredients, The salts in bath bombs are returned to the oceans ergo replenished naturally.

Eco Friendly is a great start to helping the environment is aprt of our mission, the main mission is relaxing, carefree, and knowing other care about the enviroment as much as I do is why I wrote this article and show cased the Nona Loop.

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