Cariad Bombs

finally over covid, but still feel it

I walked into a shop earlier that was up a slight hill!

as I started talking to the owner, I noticed I was out of breath, as someone who does keep active, this hit me, noticeability.

When people say to me this is like the flu, in some aspect, I agree, but then when I run out of breath and still have a cough, I have to disagree there!

I likened this to a chest infecting that ravaged my lungs a bit, but as long as I’m healthy I will recover, if someone of lower lung capacity gets this, I can see who it will effect them!

so, still fighting a good fight, still having my showers and baths, enjoying feeling good and fresh aromas, and I suggest you have personal space to heal also.

I started a daily star jumps and mounting climbs, I seen a You tube video where a guy did 3min’s a day for 30 days, the results were amazing, and this spired me into wanting to do similar!

Respect to the guy, I mean 3 minutes is not easy, especially if you are not use to it, but I guess it builds Discipline, in you and that moment where you want to quit, but push through the barrier

This is why that small walk to the shop, shocked me, I can do that 3 min’s and I keep walking regular!

keep yourselves happy and healthy about yourself!

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