Cariad Bombs

Fiction or Nonfiction in the bath with you

Im all about escapism

I love losing myself in other worlds, I was always a dreamer in school, maybe you were also, but I love business and time management books also!

The reason for this, I get the escapism that I want, I want experiences also, as humans, we need experiences, its how we grow, but do not discount experiences via imagination!

There was a study done, where three basketball teams we put into rooms to test an experiment, the first team was told to shoot at a hoop, the second team told to visulise shots at the hoops, the third teams was told to do nothing! this went on for 30 days.

After the experiment, the scientist want to see how this impacted on skill levels, the first teams showed no loss of skill, the second team also showed little to no loss of skill! the third team showed massive loss of skill.

This goes to show that the brain doesnt know the difference between real and imaginary, what it needs is to be “experiencing” something, this goes along way to mental health! we need to have active and positive goals.

The fiction and nonfiction gets our mind working, it also gives our minds more experiences, I love Hannibal by Thomas Harris, it is a work of art, the film doesn’t do Hannibal justice.

I also love 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management this book alone put me back into control off my time, remember, if you dont book your time, someone else with and that is if they need you!

When I get into the bath for my weekly cool down and to get the weeks events out of my system with a bath bomb, I know I have aromas and a relaxing bath to drift into a story with, to let my mind run wild in words, thought and pictures.

What is your escapism, how do you get that time to yourself to process things, to learn new things, to get your time back. you deserve it also!

It’s not selfish, although some might class it as such, its human! its natuarl, our mind needs it and the people we love benefit from it also.

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