Cariad Bombs


You might notice that our bath bombs are very dense and heavy for their size, this is because we pack so many good-for-you oils in our bath bombs to nourish and moisturize your skin. Sure, you may be used to bath bombs floating but that is because other brands use clays and less oil to achieve a lighter bath bomb
We have many customers of all ages who have eczema and love our products with color and fragrance. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin,
Our moisturizing and healthy solutions bath bombs can be used in your hair to soften and purify strands. If you have fine hair however, you may want to avoid soaking your hair because coconut oil tends to weigh fine hair down.
When it comes to the bath bombs without charcoal we recommend that you do not take a shower afterwards. Bath bombs are meant to moisturize, you will be able to see the coconut oil going to work! Just towel off after the bath and give your tub a quick spray with hot water to get rid of the oil residue.

As noted before, bombs with activated charcoal are messy and will require cleanup. Activated charcoal works by binding to dirt and oil in the skin, pulling it from your pores. This process leaves a residue on your skin that will need to be scrubbed off, and it will leave a ring around your tub that easily comes off with soap and water. We do not recommend using in old porcelian bath tubs, which are harder to clean.

Taking a shower after using a bubble bath bomb is completely up to you! Bubble bath bombs contain a gentle type of soap, so you may want to rinse off just like you would after applying body wash.
We do diligent research on each essential oil we choose for our products. We research the proper extraction process and find manufactures who follow the correct procedures for each oil, so we purchase from many different brands