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Falling back into traps and why you need your breaks

As i said in my yesterdays blog, I got into driving and working 20hr days, sleeping very little! working hundreds of miles away spending a lot of time on the roads, my van became my home, sometime sleeping in my van!

Traffic jams on roads, hot days, tyres needing replacing, problems with my jobs due to being tired.

I turned this around, I took time for myself , I booked a night with my thoughts this was in a form of a bath bomb moment.

With a pen and my journal, I finally got time to organize my thoughts, a few weeks later a world had lifted of my shoulders.

I have already written about this yesterday and this is about nearly falling back into the same problems of being on the roads again, stuck in traffic, not being able to solve problems due to driving!

As I was coming home from a job, my mind told me I had gone back to the same routine, as you expect, my phone going off, frustrating me that I couldn’t deal with the call, although not as bad the first time, I am able to notice it quicker!

From this Im pushing other ideas, where I’m going to sell the business that keeps me on the road.

I’m the type of guy that likes to relax, people even say this about me being chilled!

Do you have your chill time, a place where you can relax, from yoga to meditation, or even, like me, a bath with a bath bomb?

The thing I learnt again was, if you do not keep on top of your time, give yourself time to monitor  your plan, where you are and how you got there, you end up being the ping pong ball to someone else energy.

If thats your life, thats great, but I guess its the 9-5 pay off, as there is routine and you build your life around that schedule, having a routine, you can schedule time for yourself and know what tomorrow will bring!

I actual envy people who can have that life style, I tried it and i could never fit in that “business plan”, i guess my life of random fits with myself, but also I have to take the downsides of needing every customer that comes in and planning for the quiet times of business.

The end result is to know your plans, for what you want out of life, where you want your life to go, and not being at the beck and call of other peoples needs all the time!

Im on a journey, I hope you have a journey, and it did start with a bath bomb, it made me take stock of where I’d like things to not go and possibly go!

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