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Elon does multi tasking or multi delegating

I think the latter is the truth!

I read an article from a colleague of Elons from Paypal saying how Elon is good at doing two things at once!

While I think from his perspective it looks like multi-tasking, the truth is that he pulses faster, this means it looks like he does more than one thing at a time!

What do I mean by Pulse, lets say you book in one of your immovable object (must do at all costs) into your calander, that item would take on average between 30min to 2 hours dependening, Elon would have items for 15min’s and some for 5 min’s also, this means he is scheduling things like going to eat and not staying longer than the time he scheduled for that “to do”

Take myself with this Blog, I have scheduled this for the mornings, at 7 am I wake up and start writing, I start writing at this time due to testing, I found that trying to find time during the day where I would be consitent was failing, find time to write the blog didnt happen, intill I tried 7am!

I think this is why a lot of people, who schedule time for a new hobby or learning a new language fail, they cant find a suitable time to fit in with learning the new skill!

Another example, Im currently learning Welsh, before going to sleep, I take 5 minutes, open duolingo and start  practising Welsh, this has helped me no end, and I have progressed well in learning Welsh, its become routine now, to the point I get antsy if I am out and past this time, I get the urge to whip out my phone and learn Welsh.

Elons Pulse are helped by his resources and ability to leverage help, we wont have similar resources, we don’t have his access to resources! but doesnt mean you cannot do similar things!

Lets say you want to add a new immovable object to your Day or Week, this requires you start testing times where it would fit, lets say its learn a new skill or do more reading, you could listen to audio books while in the shower with a shower streamer to help you relax and anchor the learning to a good moods and aromas, or if its reading more, bring on a bath bomb with a warm bath and the next novel to digest sinks in quicker, this actually makes it easier to schedule the time if it fits in with something you are currently doing!

You will know when the time doesnt work, the slightest hurdle with throw you off the horse, sometime this is a hard throw that hurts you and you can’t get back on the horse for a while, sometimes it is a soft throw and you are right back on that horse, the key point here is getting back on the horse, if you selected the right skill and time, then getting back on that horse in the future isnt a herculean task and you are back into it quickly.

Is it time for you to pulse a little faster, what other things can you add to your week!

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